Wednesday, 30 October 2013


This week I have been researching into starting up an asos boutique as my live project. I will not be able to apply for the boutique until all the products are ready to be photographed for sale. This includes having final prints.
I plan to sell clutch bags, digitally printed scarves, canvas bags and head scarves. I have experience in making scarves from second year.
I have began to research into clutch bags as this is unknown territory for me. These straps are coming onto the catwalks for autumn/winter 2014/2015 as seen by Jil Sander and Gabriele Colansela. and they are something that I would like to incorporate into my design if possible.
Transparent clothing and accessories are in all year for 2014 so this is something that I am interested in looking into. Burberry, Phillip Lim, Lacoste and Dries Van Noten have all got them in their 2014 collections. I could possibly make transparent clutches.