Thursday, 9 May 2013


  I have started creating designs in Photoshop. I have completed layering my drawings and paintings into repeat. Out of these first 4 designs, I think only the top left one captures the look I am going for, however I still need to make it look more professional. In the top left and bottom right designs, I have used random shapes to layer over the designs. I created these shapes by tracing random parts of some of my visual research and piecing them together to create interesting shapes. I really liked this idea; think it adds something to the design; and believe it will be a key factor to all my other designs. I like the top right design, but feel it is slightly too blue for my colour scheme. This would be an ideal opportunity to experiment with creating multiple colour variations to make it less blue; add variety and greater choice for the target market.
 The bottom two designs do not quite work. So, I plan to develop the top left design to make it more professional and experiment with colour changes to the top right. Hopefully, I will keep adding to and making changes to the top two until I create a design with the ‘wow’ factor or, go back to the drawing board. 
I came across Maciej Hajnrich, a freelance Polish Graphic Designer. He created the cover design for Photoshop I have looked into some of his work and although it is unlike my work it is technically really inspiring and influential.

Maciej Hajnrich