Monday, 13 May 2013

Fabrics, Scale and Displacement.

I always like to print my designs onto fabric to test the colour and to see which designs I should take forward. Below are some photographs of the tester prints. I found doing this really useful as I have now made any colour changes to the designs that I need to. Some of the designs when printed onto the fabric became washed out, so I made the colours more intense on Photoshop to prevent this from happening again. I am mostly pleased with the way they turned out however, I think the top and middle prints on the right are too busy for the collection. 
Once I had decided which prints I wanted to take forward I began working on my displacements. When I printed the fabric samples I had not considered scale and putting my designs onto a bed will help me visualise what scale is best for each design. Below are two displacements showing the scale I opted for with those specific prints. The top one is smaller scale and the two underneath are a larger scale scale. I am really glad I did these displacements as they made my decision on scale easier. They would also help potential buyers in the design world visualise what my prints would look like.