Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Drawing Week

This week I dedicated my time to creating more drawings and paintings and collecting more photographs. I tried to stay away from mark making as in the past I have only done this and really struggled for imagery so I concentrated on drawing and painting whole objects. It was hard to get into at first as I feel this is a weakness of mine, however, as the week went on it became much easier and quicker. Below are just a couple of things I have created this week
This week has been really beneficial and given me time to think in depth about my project and the things I would like to explore within it. When I look back at my drawings I am drawn to natural things so next week I plan to visit a forest and get photos of fungi and a scrapyard as I think I will be able to get photographs of machinery and decaying meta textures etc. From these photographs I will be able to do some mark making and this is something I really enjoy. I also plan to capture traffic at night as I am still really interested in movement of light.