Thursday, 14 February 2013


These are some of my first initial designs. Next I plan to take the stronger designs forward onto more creative flats. The designs I wish to take forward are number 5 because I feel it works, I like the different in colour and  pattern. The idea of number 7 but no necessarily that print. Number 8 because its one of my favourite prints I have produced so far and I think the symmetry will bring something to the collection and finally number 9 because I like the hand drawn qualities of it.
I might take numbers 1 and 2 forward I feel as though they aren't fully working but with abit more work and with different colours and textured fabrics they could be successful designs.
I am not taking number 3 forward because the colours don't compliment eachother and I think the circles stand out too much.
I am not taking numbers 4 and 6 forward as they were just experiments and I am not happy with the way the turned out.