Monday, 11 February 2013


My initial project was based on dispersion so I did abit of research into words that related to dispersion and got spreading, 
With this I began to experiment, scattering, distributing, spreading, diffusion and concentration. Firstly, I turned to ink.

I achieved the affect in the photograph above by dropping clingfilm into the bowl of ink.

In the two images above I dropped oil into the bowl I really like the result this gave it made breaks in the ink that wouldn't usually be there.
I was pleased with my first set of photographs but needed more things to photograph. As a child I had always seen petrol marks after my dad had watched the car and this is something I wanted to capture so I tried to recreate it.

I liked the patterns it was creating but found it really hard to capture it with the camera. In the second image I have enhanced it to make the mark more clear. However, I don't think I will take this idea further as its hard to capture and the results are all pretty similar.

In the three images above I was experimenting with talcum powder and ink it gives a very different affect to everything else I have created so far. A different texture, I like this.